Ultima 4.00 Bore 107 Engine
Ultima 4.00 Bore 113 Engine

Bore: 4.000”
Stroke: 4.25”
Piston: Forged
Compression: 10:1
Rated Power: 115 HP
120 LB FT Torque
Camshaft: 248  Duration .625” lift
Valve Spring: Ultima
Chrome Nose Cone / Rocker Boxes
Billet Oil Pump
Chrome Tappet Blocks
Ignition included on assembled engines.

Bore: 4.000”
Stroke: 4.5”
Piston: Forged
Compression: 10.2:1
Rated Power: 120 HP
120 LB FT Torque
Camshaft: .640” Lift
Valve Spring: Ultima
Chrome Nose Cone / Rocker Boxes
Billet Oil Pump
Chrome Tappet Blocks
Ignition included on assembled engines.

El Bruto® Series
Ultima 4.00 Bore 107 and 113 CI  Engines & Long Blocks
Ultima® is now offering the new “El Bruto” Series Engines which are designed to provide our customers with a U.S.A. built High Performance engine that is priced to be the best value of any engines now on the market. Ultima’s commitment to engineering excellence and competitive pricing brought El Bruto® to life with a completely new designed set of castings emphasizing performance, reliability, and value.
All of the castings in these engines are based on all-new CAD designs cast from C355 aluminum, a common U.S. military alloy known for its stability over multiple heat cycles. The engine components are machined on state of the art CNC equipment for guaranteed dimensional accuracy and repeatability. All of our engines are dynamically balanced using proprietary methods to provide the smoothest running engines on the market and now with our new high flow cylinder heads these engines now can boast the most powerful engines on the market as well!! We think that you will agree these engines are the best value anywhere. 12 month warranty from date of purchase.
Made In U.S.A. Cast-in steel inserts guaranteed not to move. Large bore breather for increased crank case vacuum and less blow by. 1/2” Alignment dowels for true line bore. Counterbored stainless allen head case bolts. Close machining tolerances. Made from prime C355-T6 aluminum that is superior in strength to A356. Styling and cosmetic machining for a custom look.
Forged 4140 Steel. Dynamic balanced for the smoothest running engines in the industry. Light weight 7.44” high-performance H-beam rods w/.792” fins.  Jims Machining shafts and pins.
C355 Casting. Cast-in liners will not move.  All fins are machined for an excellent cosmetic appearance.Cylinder Head
C355-T6 Casting. All fins are machined for excellent cosmetic appearance. Twin Cam Styling. 30 % More fin area than Evolution® style heads for cooler running. 2.100 Stainless Int. Valves. 1.700 Stainless Ex. Valves. Manganese Bronze guides. High Silicon Wire Valve Spring with Chromoly Retainer.

107 CI Complete Engine Assembled
298-230  Complete 107CI Engine, Natural.
298-231  Complete 107CI Engine, Black.
298-232  Complete 107CI Engine, Polished.   

107 CI Complete Engine Unassembled
298-230U  Complete 107CI Engine, Natural.
298-231U  Complete 107CI Engine, Black.
298-232U  Complete 107CI Engine, Polished

       107 CI Long Block Unassembled
298-233  107CI Long Block, Natural.
298-234  107CI Long Block, Black.
298-235  107CI Long Block, Polished.

113 CI Complete Engine
298-253  Complete 113CI Engine, Natural.
298-254  Complete 113CI Engine, Black.
298-255  Complete 113CI Engine, Polished.

113 CI Complete Engine Unassembled
298-253U  Complete 113CI Engine, Natural.
298-254U  Complete 113CI Engine, Black.
298-255U  Complete 113CI Engine, Polished.

113 CI Long Block Unassembled
298-269  113CI Long Block, Natural.
298-270  113CI Long Block, Black.
298-271  113CI Long Block, Polished.


>> Competition Series Engine Owners Manual <<


True to their name,
the 4.000 " bore
107 and 113 inch El Bruto®
Engines are horsepower
extrordinaires. They are the
most powerful EVO
configuration of these sizes.
These brutes have features
which insure long life and
pure riding enjoyment
for those who need ultimate

Rated Power
107 C.I. / 115 HP
with 120 LB FT Torque.

Rated Power
113 C.I. 120 HP
with 120 LB FT Torque.

Not EPA Compliant.